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Corporate Chair Massage

Feel Better. Work Better. Be Better

Our corporate chair massages can be done just about anywhere for any occasion. Cost effective, simple, and impactful chair massage therapy practice can make all the difference in your workplace’s productivity. Chair massage is truly effective!


In as little as 10 minutes chair massage can:

Increase mental focus | Boost employee morale | Decrease neck and back pain | Increase blood flow | Relieve strained muscles | Create a positive attitude and mood

corporate chair massage.png
Corporate Chair Massage
corporate chair massage.png

Want to provide a wellness program for your staff? Got an event or conference coming up? Add value with a massage chair and professional therapist.

What are the Benefits of
Chair Massage in the Workplace?

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Chair massage is a win-win situation for employers and employees alike. Many of the benefits of chair massage are very similar to the effects of a full body massage at a spa, but conveniently scheduled at your workplace. Onsite chair massage works at the workplace because it eliminates the need to travel and makes massage therapy accessible to those who might not otherwise consider it.


What Is Corporate Chair Massage?

Corporate chair massage entails professional massage therapists coming to your office to provide a soothing massage for your employees. The main idea is that by bringing massage into your workplace, employees not only have something to look forward to, but ultimately feel rejuvenated after and have a revived mindset as they jump back into the daily grind. Incorporating this benefit into your corporate setting shows you want employees to know you value their hard work and contributions to the team.

Benefits to the employees:

Stress can be linked to an increase in occurrences of headaches, backaches, eye strain, neck pain, lowered immunity to sickness and infections, high blood pressure, ulcers, and heart disease. 

When onsite chair massage is offered to employees a company is taking a concrete step towards combating stress and improving employee wellness. Employees who take part in the massage program feel valued and that their hard work is appreciated. This recognition helps employees move from a high-stress negative mind-space back to positive one, and they return to work feeling energized, refocused, and productive.


10 Benefits of Chair Massage for Employees:

  • Lowers anxiety

  • Decreases stress

  • Relieves muscle pain and headaches

  • Increases circulation

  • Lowers blood pressure

  • Boosts the immune system

  • Improves quality of sleep

  • Increases flexibility and mobility

  • Enhances overall sense of health and wellbeing

  • Heightens feeling of being valued and cared for

Benefits to the company:

It’s easy to understand how a significant amount of the stress in someone’s life could be work related. This stress builds up over time and can create toxicity in the workplace, resulting in a negative work environment, lower productivity and a high turnover rate.

Implementing a corporate massage program is a great way to upgrade the work experience for everyone involved, and provides the following benefits:


10 Benefits of Office Chair Massage for the Employer:

  • Increases morale and enhances corporate culture

  • Creates an atmosphere of trust and loyalty

  • Increases staff retention

  • Reduces stress and anxiety in the workplace

  • Reduces sick days and absenteeism

  • Reduces the high cost of employee turnover

  • Helps attract top talent to the company

  • Increases accuracy and creative thinking

  • Decreases workplace injuries

  • It’s one size fits all and is more memorable than a staff lunch!



A company-paid chair massage leaves employees and guests feeling energized, rejuvenated, valued and relaxed. Massage positively affects your body, mind and your sense of well-being and happiness.


Contact Us Today to help you Build Your Benefits Package With A Corporate Chair Massage Program!

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