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We provide a variety of treatments to relax and rejuvenate you! Our professional massage services will soothe your body and mind. We invite you to explore our exceptional massage services and enjoy the utmost relaxation.

We offer massage treatments from 30 mins - 90 mins. Any treatments can be combined, ask us how!

60 mins: $80  |  90 mins: $110

Swedish Massage

Swedish Massage therapy goes beyond relaxation. Swedish massage is beneficial for increasing the level of oxygen in the blood, decreasing muscle toxins, improving circulation and flexibility while easing tension. An hour of full body massage is said to be equivalent to 8 hours of sound sleep.

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60 mins: $85  |  90 mins: $115

Aromatherapy Massage

Aromatherapy Massage combines the power of essential oils with that of massage therapy. This combination therapy delivers positive effects on both the mind and the body.

Aromatherapy is a form of massage that will improve mood and aid in relaxation by mixing essential oils with the base massage oils.

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60 mins: $95  |  90 mins: $135

Deep Tissue Massage focuses on realigning deeper layers of muscles and connective tissue. It is especially helpful for chronic aches and pains and contracted areas such as stiff neck and upper back, low back pain, leg muscle tightness, and sore shoulders.

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Deep Tissue Massage
Sports Massage

Sports massage is a popular technique of applying different types of pressure on the body. Sports massage therapy is geared toward athletes of every kind, from world-class professionals to weekend joggers. The particulars of the sports massage technique are specific to the athlete's sport of choice. Focusing on areas of the body that are overused and stressed from repetitive and often aggressive movements.

60 mins: $115 | 90 mins: $130

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60 mins: $125 |  90 mins: $145

Hot Stone Therapy eases muscle stiffness, reduces stress and promotes deep relaxation. The hot stones also expand blood vessels, which encourages blood flow throughout the body.


The real benefit of hot stone massage therapy is that the direct heat of the stones relaxes muscles, allowing the therapist access to the deeper muscle layers. Combining hot stones with a full body massage provides a very healing and effective treatment that can relieve chronic pain.

Hot Stone Therapy
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Add Ons:

15mins: $25 | 30 mins: $50

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Indian Head/Chair Massage

This relaxing therapy can take place in your home, office, or an appropriate room in most workplace settings. Indian head massage is a deep tissue massage that focuses on the head, neck and shoulders.


There are multiple benefits to having Indian Head Massage done: provides relief from tension headaches and stress, helps improve sleep quality, improves circulation – therefore boosting energy levels, increases clarity and concentration, stimulates the hair scalp, relieves Sinusitis.

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30 mins: $55

Reflexology is a type of massage that involves applying different amounts of pressure to the feet, hands, and ears. 


With repeated pressure and manipulation of nerve endings, reflexology can help to clear channels of blocked energy. It is said to do so through moving the flow of blood, nutrients and nerve impulses. This ultimately improves overall health and balance.

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*Prices in KYD

All Massage Treatments include soothing Hot Towels to warm down after

(For Massage Treatments on the Beach we can use cold stones and cold towels)

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Cancellation Policy

We respectfully request that you give a full 24 hours notice if you must cancel an appointment. This is to provide an opportunity for other clients to book during that time slot.

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